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12-Minute Posture DVD Set

12-Minute Posture is a collection of easy exercises and stretches, demonstrated by Certified Personal Trainer Heidi McIsaac. These exercises and stretches target back muscles that have atrophied due to slouching and hunched posture. Doing just a few of these exercises and stretches only 12 minutes a day a few times a week, will help you feel more energized and flexible, while decreasing overall back and neck tension.

This DVD Set includes an exercise resistance band that can be used on some of the exercises for additional resistance. It also includes a *BONUS DISC* with exercises and stretches you can do while you're at work, at your desk, to help develop the good posture habit throughout the day. 

This DVD Set is a PostureNOW customer exclusive. We produced this exercise DVD specifically for people who are COMMITTED to improving their posture for life.

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