21-Day Posture Challenge Day 13

21-Day Posture Challenge by PostureNOW - logoWelcome to Day 13 of the 21-Day Posture Challenge! Today's topic is part of daily life for everyone in modern society: Smartphone usage. Have you heard of "Text Neck"? Well, this video has some tips on how to avoid it...


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Day 13 Lesson: Avoiding Text Neck


Keep this information in mind when you're texting or checking Facebook on your smartphone. And speaking of Facebook, if you have any friends who could benefit from this information, please share!


Be on the lookout for tomorrow's email. It sounds crazy, but we're going to show you an exercise that you can do with an everyday rubber-band to improve your posture!


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Posture Challenge Day 13 Sponsor: Dr. Kareem Samhouri

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