21-Day Posture Challenge Day 21

Congratulations -- you made it! By reaching Day 21 you've made it further than 95% of people who try the challenge, and as a result, you will have better posture. Now you have a complete set of tools to help you reinforce your good posture habit. 

That said, it's important to review this material periodically, so be sure to bookmark this page. Below we have links to each day in the 21-Day Posture Challenge and a brief description so you can find tips, exercises and information quickly and easily for future review.

Thanks so much for sticking with it! We'd love your feedback, so please leave us a note on our Facebook page to share your experience.

Links to the 21-Day Posture Challenge classes:

Day 1 - Introduction and instructions on how to put on your PostureNOW
Day 2 - The Chest & Shoulder Stretch (can be done at your desk!)
Day 3 - Lecture: Physiology = Psychology. Posture affects your mental state
Day 4 - Palm-Up Rotations to open your chest and strengthen shoulders
Day 5 - Lecture: Posture as the foundation of your body language
Day 6 - Hip and Glute stretch for good lower-back posture
Day 7 - Set up your workspace for ideal ergonomics
Day 8 - The ultimate posture exercise: "The Superman"
Day 9 - Posture tip: "Palms Up For Good Posture"
Day 10 - Lecture: Building the Habit of Good Posture
Day 11 - The Spine Stretch -- a great stretch to do at your desk!
Day 12 - Ergonomic driving: Configure your car for good posture on the road
Day 13 - Learn to prevent "Text Neck" with some great smartphone tips
Day 14 - Exercise: The "Shoulder Blaster" using an everyday rubberband
Day 15 - Quick article with scientific findings: Good posture makes you look hot!
Day 16 - Exercise: Palms-Up Rotations you can do at your desk
Day 17 - Tip: Doorways as triggers for the habit of good posture
Day 18 - Did you know planking is one of the best posture exercises?
Day 19 - Tip: Adjusting your rearview mirror for ideal driving posture
Day 20 - Exercise: The Upper-Back Flex. This one's good!

Congratulations on your posture transformation! We know that you'll feel the difference and other people will notice the difference. Thanks for sticking with us and thank you for making it all the way through! You are AWESOME!!!