21-Day Posture Challenge Day 4

21-Day Posture Challenge LogoWelcome to Day 4 of the 21-Day Posture Challenge! We know it can be tough maintaining good posture sitting at your desk all day, so great job getting this far and making this commitment!

Here's a quick and easy exercise that you can do anytime during the day to loosen up your shoulders, open your chest and strengthen your lats:




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Try doing this exercise three times a day; once in the morning, once at lunch time, and once at night before bed.
You'll notice a difference in your shoulders and upper back. 

Look out for tomorrow's email. We're going to show you how your posture is the foundation of your body language and has a huge impact on how people perceive you.

In the mean time, please click below to share this exercise so we can start getting everybody to stand up straight!

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