21-Day Posture Challenge Day 8

21-Day Posture Challenge Day 8 - by PostureNOWWelcome to Day 8 of the 21-Day Posture Challenge! Now that you've started to experience what it feels like to have good posture, you're ready for the most challenging and most beneficial posture exercise out there. It's called "Superman." Check it out:


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Day 8 exercise: "The Superman"  

**This one's tough, so if you have any back issues, please see your doctor before attempting.

Incorporating this exercise into your daily routine will supercharge your posture improvement! Definitely start small and build, but we guarantee this one is "super" effective in building those back muscles for good posture!

Please share this with your Facebook friends, because this a really great all-in-one exercise for good posture.


Tomorrow we've got a stupidly-simple posture tip that can have a huge impact. See you then!

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