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Posture Brace, Posture Corrector by PostureNOW: Customer Success Stories

PostureNOW Posture Corrector Customer Successes

Here are some things actual customers have told us about the PostureNOW posture brace, via emails and phone calls:

"It works great and helps tremendously."

-Judy, Colorado

"Noticeable difference!! Already!"

-Katherine, Florida

"Thank you. It stopped about 90% of my back pain."

-Bob, Florida

"I'm trying PostureNOW now ;) it works great to keep me straight. I wish I had that when I was a kid and my mother told me to keep good posture!"

-Greg, Ontario, Canada

"It's really helped me a lot--I'm glad I found it!"

-Marty, Georgia

"It's working real good."

-Adam, North Carolina

"It's helping me with posture. It's helping me with pain. There's no question about it."

-James, California

"I love it Thank you so much."

-Robert, Georgia

"My doctor prescribed it for me. It's really working for me."

-Sandra, Michigan

"It's a great product and it really works."

-John, New Jersey

"...and surprisingly, it actually worked for my back pain."

-Bill, California

"I am 78 years old with a bad back and have developed a real stoop which the brace helped correct. Thanks again!"

-Roland, North Carolina

"I just got my PostureNOW yesterday, yes I was waiting anxiously, and I can tell you I am so impressed. It works my muscles to make me stand up straight, even abdominal muscles. So here's to PostureNOW and a great product! I can feel myself sitting up straight as I type this. Thank you so much, finally something that works!"

-Barbara, Tennessee

"Thank you for the ability to slowly retrain my muscles to pull my shoulders back where they should be after many years of pointing forward due to Scheuermann's Disease."

-Clyde, California