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PostureNOW Instructions



1. Adjust the length of the PostureNOW tension band between the arm cuffs. To get PostureNOW posture brace instructions imagestarted, the tension band should be adjusted to the length approximately the width of your chest. (You may need to make final adjustments after step #5)  

2. Make sure the adjustable arm cuffs are closed using the velcro fastener, slightly larger than the circumfrence of your upper arm.

3. Place one of the cuffs over your right arm and slide up to approximately the topPostureNOW posture brace instructions image 2 of your bicep (see picture to the right). Adjust the arm cuff so that it fits your arm snugly, but not too tight.


4. With your left arm, reach back and slide your arm into the other cuff, like you're PostureNOW Posture Brace instructions image 3putting on a coat. Slide the cuff to the top of your left bicep and adjust it like in step three.


5. The tension band should be tight enough across the back so that it fits looselyPostureNOW posture brace instructions image 4 when your posture is straight and erect. It will tighten if your shoulders hunch forward, gently reminding you to use good posture.


**Warning: Do not wear PostureNOW while driving. Please consult your physician before trying this or any other posture correction program.

Using the PostureNOW posture brace to correct bad posture, a consumer can expect to look thinner, appear taller, and look and feel more confident. Consumers will also benefit from improved back health, alleviating chronic pain and discomfort. Also, women who use the PostureNOW posture brace will experience the appearance of a larger, fuller chest, while men can see their beer bellies instantly appear to shrink. With the PostureNOW posture corrector, consumers will enjoy a healthier and sexier appearance, while feeling more youthful and energetic.