About Us

PostureNOW co-founders Matt Franklin and Mike Lane were hunched over their computers all day at 9 to 5 jobs and noticed their posture was getting ruined because of it. After much research looking for a way to quickly improve their posture, they could only find posture correctors that looked like clunky medical devices and that could only be worn over the shoulders, which didn't provide much pullback where it was really needed—on the arms.

So after trying almost every posture brace available with little posture improvement, they decided to create their own. Working with a sports brace designer/manufacturer, they developed the PostureNOW brace which is designed to be worn on the shoulders OR arms—creating a dual system for comfortable, yet effective posture correction. 

Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of this new product design, they found their way onto Shark Tank where they have since helped tens of thousands of happy customers get their posture back. 

And Mike got to quit his job on national TV!