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Posture Corrector Brace by PostureNOW: About us

Meet the creators of the PostureNOW Posture Brace

Mike and Matt, creators of the PostureNOW Posture Corrector

Matt Franklin and Mike Lane, Co-Developers of PostureNOW

The PostureNOW posture brace was developed because we realized that years of hunching over our computers all day was ruining our posture. In search of a solution, we tried dozens of posture improvement products, and none of them worked. Most were uncomfortable, clunky, or downright embarrassing to wear. So we began talking to physical therapists and chiropractors about alternative solutions, and with their input and feedback, we developed PostureNOW, which is a totally unique approach to posture improvement.

In testing the PostureNOW and wearing it over a period of time, we began to experience the benefits of improved posture. Like Tony Robbins says, “Physiology equals psychology.” As our posture improved, we began to feel and act more confident, had more energy, and just felt better overall.

We are very proud of this product and firmly believe in the transformative power of improved posture. Whether you want to look thinner, reduce back and neck pain, or simply appear more confident, good posture can accomplish all of this and much more.

The PostureNOW posture corrector has become a nationwide success and we appreciate you being part of it!

Millions and millions of people worldwide suffer from bad posture. PostureNOW is the answer.

It's NEVER too late to get good posture. Get a PostureNOW posture brace and correct your posture forever!