6 Health Benefits Of Maintaining a Good Body Posture

Stretching can improve posture
"Sit properly and stand up straight," is probably a timeless piece of advice we’ve heard all the time ever since we’re young. Although a bit difficult to follow, this instruction is worth heeding as it is the best way to maintain good body posture. Many of us may not know how important proper posture is, but it can help retain our body's overall balance.

But what does good posture mean?

A proper body posture, according to experts, is maintaining a neutral spine. This means that all the muscles surrounding your spine should be correctly balanced, making your body less prone to injuries and pains. It also strengthens your build and helps you perform various physical activities, such as sports.

Therefore, it is essential that in whatever you do, there's a need to sustain a proper body posture.

Here are the other benefits of a good posture and how to maintain it.

Lesser Tension For Shoulders and Neck

Our neck and shoulders take a lot of tension with poor body posture, especially when working the whole day. Getting the right posture allows you to get rid of neck and shoulder pains. So, when you undergo a proper body realignment with practitioners specializing in misaligned joints, such as a chiropractor serving Kingwood TX, you'll give your neck and shoulder a break from tension.

If you can’t visit a professional yet, you can do it at home yourself. To achieve this, stand up straight in front of the mirror and stretch your neck. Tuck in your chin a little bit backward. When you do this, you can feel the muscles on your clavicle getting tense while your back's posterior is lengthening. Hold this position for 3 seconds and do it in 15 repetitions.

Increases the Energy Levels

We need a daily dose of proper body energy levels to do all the tasks we must accomplish. It can only be achieved by eating food that increases your energy levels (such as bananas, fatty fish, and eggs) and aligning the body's joints and bones well. You can have appropriately aligned body joints by exercising and flexing your muscles before you start your day.

You can do this by activating your side abs through twisting your torso. Find an area where you can sit with your knees bent. For about 6 inches, lift your feet to achieve a tightened core. Once done, twirl your elbows side to side while rotating your upper body. When you start feeling pain in your core while doing this, relax for a bit and redo the process.

Reduces Lower Back Pain

Most of us don’t notice that we sit and stand in a slouched position most of the time. When subjected to improper posture regularly, the lower back gets stressed, which can develop into excruciating chronic back pain. Moreover, poor posture puts a lot of pressure on the intervertebral discs, including the ligaments, facet joints, muscles, and the spine's most delicate structures. 

To get rid of this and archive a better sitting and standing posture, you can perform bridges, which engages and strengthens your abdominal and gluteal muscles. Bridges are done by lying on your back with your knees bent on a flat surface. Slowly lift your hips up and down as you feel your core tightening. Do this for about 20 to 30 minutes every day.

Fewer Headaches

Headaches can occur anytime, most especially when you get overworked. However, many don’t know that it can also be caused by poor posture. Poor posture increases the muscle tension in the neck area, which causes the pain you feel. By correcting and maintaining the right posture, you can reduce these muscle tensions and get rid of headache

In order to relieve the tension, you can perform a head retraction to stretch your neck muscles. All you have to do is to lie on the floor with bent knees. After that, you must pull your chin back as if you're making a double chin. You can hold the position for about 15 seconds and repeat it for about ten times.

Expands Lung Capacity

Your body and neck muscles are not the only parts stretched when maintaining good posture. Unbeknownst to many, but it can also improve your breathing. When you slouch a lot, the lungs will be compressed, which may affect how your respiratory system operates. Hence, you should stand and sit up straight so the lungs can expand and create a proper airway for breathing.

The easiest way to expand your lung capacity is to push out your pectoral muscles. Stand up straight where your feet are slightly apart. Lock your hands on the side hips and hold it for about 20 seconds. You should allow room for your pecs and chest to stretch. Do this for about ten repetitions every day.

Enhances the Blood Circulation And Digestion

When your vital organs are compressed most of the time, your blood circulation will be poor. Aside from that, the body's major organs might fail in functioning, leading to a more severe injury. To avoid that, you should maintain a good posture and right body joint alignment to allow healthy blood flow.

You can scale up your spine using a thoracic foam roll. Place the roller horizontally as you lie back on the floor, positioning it at the bottom part of your rib cage. Make sure to support your neck using your arms to balance well. Once you get a good position, slowly extend the spine over the roller. Hold this position for 5 seconds and breathe deeply. Move up around two inches at a time.


Maintaining good posture is something you must practice every day. It's not only for people of a specific age, and can be for everyone. Remember that even children can suffer joint pains at times, which is caused by poor posture. Hence, no matter how busy your day is, make it a habit to spare a few minutes of your time to do exercises that will help you obtain a good posture.

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