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Good Posture: Physiology Equals Psychology (so correct your posture...)

February 20, 2018 2 Comments

One of my favorite quotes from Tony Robbins is, "Your physiology equals your psychology." Basically, the way you cary your body dictates how you feel. Research shows that it's true, and you posture is a foundational element in your physiology. Check out this short video to learn more:

And of course, to help develop muscle memory and improved posture, we always recommend the PostureNOW posture corrector brace. Try one out; it's guaranteed!!

Good posture gives you a good attitude, with or without a posture brace

2 Responses

PostureNOW Matt
PostureNOW Matt

March 09, 2018

Thanks for the comment, Addam! And keep checking back on our blog to get more tips on how to correct your posture. Of course, we want you to try our PostureNOW posture corrector brace, but if you’re not ready to get one for yourself, there are lots of tips and exercises that can help you to improve your posture.


March 09, 2018

I agree completely. Correct your posture and it really can help your outlook and attitude. Posture is important for all of us, both for our physical well-being and for our mental health.

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