Good posture tip: Improve your posture while driving!

By now you've probably read all about the PostureNOW posture brace. It really is the fastest way to improve your posture. But if you're wanting a way to improve your posture TODAY, here's another quick tip for awareness while you're driving:

This one might sound a little silly, but it really does work and you'll be amazed at how much we naturally slump down in the course of driving. Try it -- it makes a huge difference!

Don't wear a PostureNOW posture corrector brace while you're driving, but use it while you're walking or sitting at your desk.

When you're not driving, try the palms-up technique for good posture. It's quick and easy!

If you have friends who might be slouching while they're driving, be sure to share this tip on Facebook! 


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